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Shri Ram-sita ,Laxman , Hanuman Acrylic Case Photo Frame Car Dashboard With Tape

  • This modern photo frame with stunning High Definition photo and a secret coating that gives the frame a magnificent appearance. 
  • In the production process, high-quality materials were employed. 
  • In the living room, bedroom, office spaces, corridors, Pooja Mandir Interior design, and other areas, it looks exquisite. 
  • It's also a fantastic present idea for friends, family, and loved ones.
  • It's the ideal gift for parents, Mother's Day, wedding return gifts, birthdays, and the opening of a new office.
  • Design is appealing, the style is lovely, the look is divine, and the cuts are excellent.
Manufacturer : Heritage India Item Size (mm) : 55*25*60 mm Packing Size (LBH) : 80*88*50 mm Weight (Grams) 
  • Item : 28 Gram
  • Package : 43 Gram
Material : Acrylic In The Box (Items available in package) : 1 Divinity Frame

The Divine Tales 100% Effective Vaahan Durghatna Nashak Yantra

  • This yantra is primarily utilised as a protective barrier against road accidents of any kind.
  • The words Vahan, Durghatna, and Nashak all mean "vehicle," "accident," and "removal," respectively.
  • This Yantra prevents a person from being involved in a car accident. It protects against injuries and other abnormalities, particularly those involving automobiles.
  • It ensures that all of your trips are successful and that all impediments are removed from your way. 
  • Removes any bad energy from your environment and prevents terrible unanticipated situations.
Manufacturer : The Divine Tales Item Size (mm) : 76*76*2 mm Packing Size (LBH) : 100*150*20 mm Weight (Grams)  Item : 10 Gram Package : 30 Gram Material : Brass In The Box (Items available in package) : 1 Yantra

The Divine Tales Original Rudraksha Mala

  • This Rudraksha Mala is 100% natural and lab tested. It can be used by members of all age groups and gender.
  • There are 108 beads which are used for counting while chanting any mantra. 
  • This Rudraksha Mala is 90cm in length and has Rudraksha beads of 7mm diameter.
  • It is best used for wearing or for puja(astrology), meditation or yoga
  Manufacturer : The Divine Tales Item Size (mm) :90 cm length, 7 mm Rudraksha Diameter Packing Size (LBH) : 100*100*50 mm Weight (Grams) 
  • Item : 25 Gram
  • Package : 60 Gram
Material : Wood In The Box (Items available in package) :1 Rudraksha mala

The Divine Tales Original Kamal Gatta Mala

  • This is used to recite Goddess Laxmi mantras.
  • Attracts Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance.
  • Very beneficial for Puja Ceremonies involving money.
  • For best results, offer this Rosary to Goddess Laxmi in a temple.
  • 108+1 excellent grade genuine Lotus or kamalgatta beads interlaced with knots.
  • Mala comes with Pure cotton Jaap Bag or Jholi.
  Manufacturer : The Divine Tales Item Size (mm) : 190cm length Packing Size (LBH) : 100*100*50 mm Weight (Grams) 
  • Item : 100 Gram
  • Package : 130 Gram
Material : Wood In The Box (Items available in package) : 1 Lotus Seed Mala, 1 chanting bag

The Divine Tale Small Size Crystal Tortoise for Good Luck with Plate

  • The Tortoise Statue has a Fancy Look and is made of Fine Grade Crystal with a Durable and Long-Lasting Crystal Finish. It may be cleaned using a wet/dry Cotton Cloth.
  • Feng Shui and Vastu Crystal Turtle Xtra Large Tortoise
  • This Elegant Decorative Figure can be used as Interior Decoration Showpieces/ Table Decor Items in the Drawing/ Living Room.
  • The Tortoise symbolises maximum age and longevity, as well as steadiness, determination, and willpower.
  • It is utilised as a symbol of Longevity and is believed to bring GOOD HEALTH into your home.
  • The Crystal Tortoise is also a good luck charm for you.
  • Your money will be stable thanks to the Crystal Tortoise.
  • Vastu for the office and home according to Feng Shui.
  • It's perfect for home decor and gifting.

The Divine Tales Vyapar Vridhi Yantram/ Yantra

  • For Wealth & Good Luck, very beautifully handcrafted in fine quality materials.
  • Vyapar Vridhi (Business Enhancement).
  • It should be kept on the workplace table.
  • The Divine Tales has created a high-quality product.
  Manufacturer : The Divine Tales Item Size (mm) : 60*60*20 mm Packing Size (LBH) : 100*100*50 mm Weight (Grams) 
  • Item : 70 Gram
  • Package : 100 Gram
Material : Wood In The Box (Items available in package) : 1 Table Yantra

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