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The DIvine Tales Brass Meru Shree Yantra for wealth, prosperity, and good luck | Pure Sumeru Shree yantra

Product Description: The Mahameru exudes a sense of love and order. Its Sacred Geometry is associated with Peace, Prosperity, and Harmony. Elevates the seeker's spiritual progress by instilling maturity, tranquility, and forgiveness. By drawing cosmic energy, it emits vibes that benefit the seeker and his family. Protects against negative planetary effects and promotes healing, wealth, and mental calm. The Meru Chakra, also known as the Sri Chakra, is a three-dimensional Sri Yantra that represents Sri Lakshmi, the goddess of plenty, and Tripura Sundari, the goddess of beauty. Features:
  • Used in Vastu
  • Laxmi Pooja
  • Home D├ęcor
  • Original Yantra
  • High-quality brass