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The Divine Tales Polyresin Feng Shui Laughing Buddha with Money Frog On Bed of Wealth showpiece for success and prosperity

Product Description: The Laughing Buddha is considered one of the most prosperous Gods. It brings the house prosperity, success, and financial rewards. The placement of the Laughing Buddha, on the other hand, is critical. It should be positioned roughly 1 meter above ground and directly facing the main entryway. The Laughing Buddha welcomes the energy that enters via the main entrance and multiplies them, making them extremely prosperous. If this is not possible, the next best position to store the laughing Buddha is on a side table or corner table that is diagonally opposite the main door, and the Laughing Buddha should be facing the door in this situation as well.   Features:
  • Made of Polyresin
  • Glossy golden finish
  • Unique Design
  • Easy to Clean