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The Divine Tales 35 in 1 Mantra Chanting Bell for Home

  • This Mantra Bell has 35 religious songs or mantras in it.
  • It has a key for changing the mantras.
  • Plug-and-play, high-quality, ideal for home/festival use, with a beautiful finish. Play these lovely chants every day to create a contemplative, religious environment.
  • Simple to set up. Simply plug it in and start using it. Connect to any regular socket and listen to a mantra that is free of all tension. Meditate and concentrate.
  • The mantra bell features a single volume control and a single push button for changing chants.
  Manufacturer : The Divine Tales Item Size (mm) : 90*45*50 mm Packing Size (LBH) : 100*100*50 mm Weight (Grams) 
  • Item : 150 Gram
  • Package : 180 Gram
Material : Plastic In The Box (Items available in package) :1 Electric Mantra Bell

The Divine Tales 35 in 1 Mantra Chanting Bell for Home/ Pooja Room | LED Light | Mantra Chanter | Pooja Bell | Hindi Religious Mantras/bhajans | Orange | Metal

Product Description: This 35 in 1 Mantra chanting Bell by The Divine Tales comes with a key for changing the mantras. You can use this bell at home for puja or during festivals. It has a simple plug-and-play mechanism. You can also control the volume. Use it to concentrate while meditating. Features and Benefits:
  • Simply plug it in and go. 
  • Shiny orange color.
  • Connect to any normal socket. 
  • Use at home or in the office. 
  • Made of high-quality metal.
  • LED light.